Continental Arms Lay-A-Way Policy
1. Minimum Deposit on any firearm is 50% of the selling price.
2. Terms of a Lay-a-way are as follows:
a. $1.00-$500.00 must pay in full within 30 Days or upon pick up.
b. $501.00-$1,000.00 must pay in full within 60 Days
c. $1,001.00-$1,500.00 must pay in full in 90 days.
Note: On purchases/payments beyond 30 Days: Paperwork will not be submitted until firearm is paid in full.
3. Expired Lay-A-Ways will be returned to stock and all moneys refunded less 15% restocking fee and $75.00 paperwork processing fee.
4. Note: If you are unsure as to your eligibility to purchase a firearm, contact the Maryland State Police. We do not know your background and cannot give you legal advice.
5. In the event you are disapproved, the following steps will be taken:
a. If you purchased a used gun, or if the gun is new and unfired, it will be placed back out for sale and you will receive a refund less 15% restocking fee and $75.00 paperwork processing fee.
b. If you purchased a new gun and subsequently fired it, we will sell it for you and give you a full refund less our 20% consignment fee in accordance with the established consignment policy.