Though we are a retail store, we do provide transfer service. The following apply:

- For returning customers, the fee is $75. For new customers, it is $100. Transfers for Class III items is $150.

- You MUST have a MD HQL before having a registered firearm (handgun) transferred to our store. If you do not have an HQL and have a firearm transferred here, you will have 45 days from receipt of the item(s) to produce a valid MD HQL. Failure to complete paperwork after 45 days will result in a $1 per day storage fee for EACH item until the paperwork is completed.

- You must be 21 or older to have a firearms transferred to this facility. We will NOT accept firearms if the recipient is under the age of 21 at the time of its arrival at our store. To wait until the recipient is 21 to complete the transfer, we will charge a $1-per-day storage fee from the date the item arrives until the date the firearm is transferred.

- It is the responsibility of the BUYER to make sure ANY firearm(s) purchased and sent to us are legal to own in the state of MD. The transaction is between YOU and the SELLER, so we will not conduct this research for you. If you have a firearm transferred here that is not legal in the state of MD, you will be charged all return shipping fees plus a $1-per-day storage fee from the date the item arrives until the date the firearm is shipped back.

- If you purchase a firearm from another dealer, it is your responsibility to have them contact us at to request our FFL for transfer. We will not initiate this process for you. The request should include your name and the make/model of the item(s).

- The transferred item(s) should include your name and phone number in the shipment.

- High-capacity magazines (more than 10 rounds) CANNOT be transferred. If the item arrives with hi-cap mags---and we are able---we can permanently block them for $15 per magazine. NOTE: This service is not guaranteed and is contingent on both parts and personnel availability. Unblocked hi-cap magazines will become the property of Continental Arms.